Sean Connery as Gandalf and Morpheus

Did you know that Sean Connery turned down the roles of Gandalf and Morpheus? Imagine the incredible late-career surge he would now be enjoying if he accepted those parts from The Lord of The Rings and The Matrix trilogies. He would have been the hotness! Since those movies are so ingrained into the pop-culture section of our brains, it’s hard to imagine anyone else buy Ian McKellen playing Gandalf and Cowboy Curtis Laurence Fishburne playing Morpheus. Now try to picture Connery in those roles. It pretty tough, hey?

Let’s play a game. How do you think Connery would have fared as Gandalf and Morpheus? What do you think he would have done better or worse than McKellen and Fishburne? How would he have been different? Kindly leave your thoughts on the matter in the comments section. As for me, I tried playing the game but kept thinking of lines from Connery’s portrayal on Saturday Night Live’s “Celebrity Jeopardy.” In my head, he kept talking to Frodo about “anal bum covers” and making lewd jokes about Neo’s mother.


Author: RPadTV