Microsoft and Nike Team Up For Xbox 360 Nike+ Bundle

Microsoft and Nike have joined forces for the limited edition Xbox 360 Nike+ Kinect Training bundle. This 4GB Xbox 360 comes with a Kinect sensor, Kinect Adventures, a one-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold, and Nike+ Kinect Training. The bundle will retail for $249.99 until January 5, 2013, when it will go up to $299.99. The Nike+ Kinect Training game will be available as a standalone download on December 25, 2012 for $4.99 and will be followed up with the “Fast and Focused: 15-Minute Upper Body & Core Workout” add-on on December 26.

While this bundle isn’t for gamers like you and me (4GB is a non-starter), there’s a chance that Microsoft will be able to attract casual gamers with the Nike brand. Fitness games have proven to be successful and Nike+ goods are popular as well. Put ’em all together and it’s conceivable that Microsoft can reach a new demographic with this package.

What do you think of the Xbox 360 Nike+ Kinect Training bundle? Do you see it doing well? Do you have any friends or relatives that would be interested in such a package?

Author: RPadTV