McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed

My friend Barbara and RPadholic N8R showed me this awesome Tumblr page after I wrote about McKayla Maroney being my favorite 2012 American Olympian. It’s called “McKayla is Not Impressed.” It takes the dissatisfied look on her face as she was being awarded the 2012 Olympic vault silver medal and puts her in a bunch of…interesting situations. My two favorites (so far) are McKayla not being impressed by the explosion of the Death Star (above) and Muhammad Ali’s knockout of Sonny Liston (below). As a big nerd and a huge boxing fan, these are two of the most iconic images floating around my head…but alas, they’re not the least bit impressive to McKayla Maroney. Check out the page when you have a chance and let me know what “McKayla is Not Impressed” picture is your favorite (please)!

Author: RPadTV