Signs Point to iPhone 5 Launch on September 21

You’ve seen the leaked photos and videos of the “iPhone 5” housing. More recently, iMore has reported that Apple will be holding a press conference for the next iPhone on September 12, with a launch set for September 21. The report was met with equal parts excitement and cynicism…until The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple — the unofficial arbiter of Apple rumors — legitimized it with his trademark “yep”. After that, it seemed like loads of web sites received confirmation on the dates from various unnamed sources.

It’s also interesting that iMore claimed that Apple will be unveiling the heavily-rumored iPad Mini and Dalrymple didn’t grace that part of the report with a “yep”. To be fair, he didn’t give it a “nope” either.

To recap, the next iPhone is rumored to have a four-inch screen, a 4G LTE radio, a thinner body, and a new dock connector.

Are you guys and dolls psyched for the iPhone press conference? Do you think the iPad Mini will be part of the show? Also, black or white?!?


Author: RPadTV