Wednesday Housekeeping: Comments and Tweaks

More changes have been implemented into RPad.TV 3.0! More content, including images and videos, shows up on the front page. There’s a nifty menu bar at the top of the screen. The social media bar now floats on the left of the screen instead of under posts (it appears in individual posts only). Please let me know how you feel about these or any of the new features.

The biggest addition from last night was adding Disqus 2012 comments. On paper, your old comments should return some time this evening. However, I’ve never had a positive experience with comment importing/exporting, so I have zero faith that it’ll happen smoothly or as scheduled. Let’s see. On the plus side, Disqus 2012 has lots of cool features. Kindly play around with the commenting system if you have some time today.

Author: RPadTV