Tuesday Housekeeping: New Site Design and Old Comments

My relaxing weekend turned into a stressful one thanks to multiple technology failures. As many of you noticed (and thanks for the G+ alerts!), the site was down for a large chunk of the weekend. There were a few technical issues and several annoying skirmishes with tech support. The bad news is that a few old Intensedebate comments were lost. The good news (I think) is that I was forced to change the site and it should be faster than ever. Please let me know what your experience with RPad.TV 3.0 is like in the comments section.

Speaking of comments, I had to scrap Intensedebate because of performance and spam issues. Currently, the standard WordPress system is being used along with a simple spam checkbox. I’m considering switching over to Livefyre, but I wanted to get your feedback first. Please let me know.

Lastly, my TV died over the weekend. That…sucked.

Author: RPadTV