NBA Adding Instant Replay, Sponsored Jerseys

The NBA Board of Governors has agreed to increase the use of instant replay and allow sponsorships on team jerseys. The former is just common sense; if you have the tech to get calls right then it should be used (see tennis, for example). The latter is a polarizing issue. Many people love that uniforms in major American sports are free of advertising (aside from the garment manufacturer). It seems traditional and pure. Capitalists have long wondered why American sports have ignored this lucrative revenue stream while several football teams in Europe took in millions from sponsors. According to ESPN, NBA team jerseys will be allowed to have small advertising patches starting in the 2013-2014 season.

As a sports fan, I don’t like the move. I love the (mostly) unsullied uniforms in (most) American sports. My big fear is that the NBA’s move towards sponsored uniforms will pave the way for future New York Yankees players looking like NASCAR drivers. I honestly have this nightmare.

As a gamer, I can’t wait for an NBA team that’s sponsored by a videogame publisher. I loved the Manchester City kits that were sponsored by Eidos and the Arsenal kits with the Dreamcast logo. If an NBA team had a Square-Enix patch on its jerseys then I would be forced to become a fan of that franchise.

What do you think of NBA jerseys getting sponsorship patches? Hot or not? Please use the comments system to match up your favorite videogame company with an appropriate NBA team.


Author: RPadTV