What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I shouldn’t play any videogames this weekend. I should save my eyes for the visual assault they’ll be receiving next week during E3 2012. However, the secret game I’m playing is so much fun! It’s very unusual for a modern console game — heady, thoughtful, and cerebral with a very┬ádeliberate pace. It definitely feels more like a mid-’90s PC game than a current console title. Very cool.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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  • BigBlak

    Forza 4, AC: Brotherhood (forgot I had DLC for it), maybe some LA Noire and RAGE.

  • BigBlak

    I'll probably watch the Celtics vs NBA refs this weekend too. I want Iceman to have what Boston fans have had for the last decade, winning teams.

    • lceman

      That's awfully nice of you to say, but I think you are forgetting the '06-'07 season. While the Celtics were on life-support during that time, we won the 2006 NBA Finals (previous season) and went to the playoffs again the very next year.

      You may have had winning teams during the past few years (not decade), but so have we. Not bad for a team that is more than 40 years younger than Boston.

      When Wade spits in KG's face tonight and a technical gets called on Doc Rivers, I'm going to be laughing my ass off.


      • N8R

        Dude… he said winning teamS… with an S. Let's review.

        Boston: Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins… pretty good.

        Miami: Heat, Marlins, Dolphins, Panther (?)… to quote a popular children's show, 3 of these things belong together, one of these things is not the same.

      • The Patriots used to win. lol.

      • N8R

        I get your joke, but all things considered, they're still a winning team.I did do some research and found out the Panthers (hockey) were actually in the playoffs this year though. However, I'm not sure if they play near Miami or if 2 winning teams can counter the sucktitude of the Marlins and the Dolphins.

      • Absolutely they're still a winning team. But after my team beat them twice in the last 5 years in the Super Bowl, I'll take a little pleasure at their expense if you don't mind. :-P

      • lceman

        Correction: One of those does not belong. The Marlins are in a virtual three-way tie for first place (Nationals & Mets) with Philly and Atlanta closely behind. Plus, we're still better than the Pirates!

        The Heat go to the playoffs almost every year for the past seven years (at least) and gotten to the Finals twice.

        The Panthers, while not in Miami, are still a South Florida team and they went to the playoffs this year.

        The Dolphins… suck and will continue to suck as long as our owner is more interested in a "party" atmosphere instead of a winning atmosphere. (*sigh*) Although Shula made the mistake of building the team around Marino (which set us back a decade), that can be forgiven since hindsight is 20/20, but what came afterwards was nothing less than mortgaging our future in exchange for sub-mediocrity. We are now just paying the interest on this price and it's not looking good… unless you're a Jets fan. In which case, F#@K YOU!


      • N8R

        The Marlins still have a long road ahead of them still and the Panthers division is a shitty division all in all.

        But you're right in the fact that they are more of a Ft. Lauderdale team but that's only what? 30 miles or so from Miami? So, I'd say it counts.

    • Thundercracker

      Yo, BB….

      I dont know if you have AC:revelations, but it is 10 bucks after coupon at best buy this week. Today is last day.

  • AC Revealtions which I have really enjoyed so far

  • Smartguy

    Diablo 3 and try to study for the CPA exam some more.

    • lceman

      I can ask my wife if she's willing to give you her exam materials if you'd like. She's pretty much done with them.


      • Smartguy

        Wow that would be amazing. But I can't possibly accept. This stuff is so expensive!Sent from a device with horrible AT&T service.

  • Sandrock

    More Legend of Dragoon and Minecraft.

  • SWTOR and Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer.

  • bsukenyan

    More reading for me. I'm enjoying Scott Snyder's early short stories (Voodoo Heart) and I still need to get through Blackest Night. The story is good so far, a little confusing at first because I realize I jumped in where there's a lot going on (also I'm not that familiar with a ton of DC characters, so I get a little lost when they mention everybody coming back from the dead in rapid succession) and without having read any of the prequel stories. Rebirth, Brightest Day, and one other story that I can't think of the name of all come before Blackest Night to the best of my knowledge. Since I haven't read any of those I know I'm missing some backstory, but I'm managing and enjoying the story so far. I should finish the second half of the story tomorrow.

    • tokz21

      DC 52 was the major storyline before blackest night, then brightest day and flashpoint.

  • Thundercracker

    Okay, so ANOTHER public service announcement….

    Best buy has 100 percent trade in bonus starting tomorrow.

    I plan on trading in Uncharted 3 (30$)
    Mortal Kombat (20$)
    and battlefield 3, which i never play (28$)

    That is, of course, unless TIV plummets after the TIV deal goes live.