This Week’s Videogame Releases

After several relatively slow weeks, the ides of May takes the gaming world by storm. Blizzard’s Diablo III leads the way; millions of gamers have been waiting for this one for years and it’s almost here! Also high on many a gamers wish list is Rockstar’s Max Payne 3. With the show’s second season kicking all sorts of ass, Atlus should enjoy brisk sales of Game of Thrones. While I still have problems accepting that the movie actually exists, the companion videogame Battleship has me thinking about the impossibility of Rihanna and Turtle from Entourage joining the Navy. One of the oldest driving-game series makes a return in Test Drive: Ferrari Legends. Lastly, Mario Tennis Open has caused many of my friend to figure out where the hell they put their Nintendo 3DS systems.

Any of you picking up new games this week?

Author: RPadTV