TeleHuman: Six Kinect Sensors Used to Make Life-Size Hologram

TeleHuman is a fascinating project from the minds of Queen’s University’s Dr. Roel Vertegaal and his research team. The project uses “an array of microsoft kinect sensors, a 3d projector, a 1.8 metre-tall translucent acrylic cylinder and a convex mirror” to make life-size holograms. As you can see from the video above, it’s some seriously cool tech. There are some practical uses for it such as video-conferencing and medical applications, but nerds would use it to live out their Star Trek¬†fantasies. I could easily spend hours a day taking 3D scans of objects, people, pets, etc. in order to beam them up. If only I could find my translucent acrylic cylinder….

What do you think of TeleHuman?


Author: RPadTV