PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Wish List

Now that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PlayStation 3 has been officially revealed, I wanted to hear about your dream characters for this game. If you’re not familiar with it then check out the video above. Unsurprisingly, the game has been compared to Nintendo’s ultra-popular Super Smash Bros. series. Like that game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale features characters and locations from numerous Sony games. The confirmed characters include Kratos (God of War), Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper), Mael Radec (Killzone), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Fat Princess (Fat Princess), and Parappa (PaRappa the Rapper).

Don’t you just love the idea of PaRappa taking on Kratos? Any predictions on third-party characters making the cut? After all, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed is all over the place these days. What Sony characters are on your wish list for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

Author: RPadTV


  • N8R

    Nathan Drake comes to mind.

    But, I'm hoping for Kevin Butler.

  • tokz21

    KB would be awesome! Good one n8!
    What about Snake?

    • Snake could say, "I've fought Kirby and Pikachu. What you got, bitches?!?"

  • Smartguy

    I'm not buying this.

    Sony's franchise characters just do not mesh as well as Nintendo's does in a compilation like this.