Adam Sessler Future Endeavored by G4

Longtime broadcast journalist Adam Sessler and G4TV have parted ways. Many of you know Adam as the host of X-Play. The man is old school. He started on the show in the late ’90s when it was GameSpot TV on Ziff-Davis’ ZDTV network. He stayed with the show when it became Extended Play and the network was renamed Tech TV. Eventually the show was renamed X-Play and became part of the Comcastic G4TV giant.

In addition to being the biggest television personality in videogames, a wonderful editorialist, and a diligent critic, Adam is universally liked and respected throughout the business. If you have a problem with Adam Sessler from a work standpoint then the problem is almost definitely staring back at you in the mirror. Of course there are times when people disagree with him, but the vast majority of the people I know adore and respect Adam.

On a personal level, I just love the man. Obviously we can talk about games all day, but Adam is really passionate about boxing too. Both of us love watching boxing and spend time training in boxing gyms (neither of us are what you’d call dangerous). One of my favorite moments in our relationship was when I was tipsy (understatement) at a Sega event and ordered a Johnny Walker Blue with soda; Adam chided me  for three minutes before making the bartender pour me a Blue on the rocks. He’s smart, he always adds something interesting to conversations, and he’s one of the most outstanding people in the world to drink with. That said, he was also responsible for me working at G4 and I’m going to hold that over his head for at least another decade (“First round is on you, right Adam? I mean, you got me the G4 gig and look how that turned out!”)

X-Play without Adam Sessler is going to be strange. How do you feel about the future endeavoring (WWE trademark) of Adam Sessler?

Author: RPadTV