What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I feel like playing something quirky and Japanese this weekend. Thankfully, I have a review copy of Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland. This is the 13th game in the Atelier┬áseries and the third game in the series focused on Arland. For some reason, Rorona is a little girl in the game. She should be older. That mystery must be solved! Aside from that, I’m down to play some Quarrel on Xbox Live. Let me know!

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

Author: RPadTV


  • tokz21

    I may be up for quarrel later today or on Sunday. I'll play some dead rising 2 and swtor.

  • N8R

    I'm down fro Quarrel… likely Sunday as well.

    Tonight is my anniversary, so I'm booked. Tomorrow is the Evans/Jones fight and I'm going to a party. So that leaves Sunday.

    I finally got my notice fore the Ghost Recon Beta, so I'll be up in that otherwise.

    • Happy anniversary!!!

    • tokz21

      Congrats to u and the missus.

    • lceman

      That's great.

      You know, nothing says "I love you" like playing against your wife in MK and letting her win without her knowing that you let her win. (*wink, wink*)


    • bsukenyan

      happy anniversary!

    • N8R

      Thanks guys.

      • Thundercracker

        Happy anniversary, It's nice to hear that you have been together however many years and you arent watching Billy Crystal movies and getting ideas.

        by that i mean you havent considered hiring Danny Devito to murder your wife yet.

        Im kidding dude.

      • N8R

        The funny thing is… Danny Devito is probably taller than my wife.She's 4'8″.

      • bsukenyan

        That's crazy. the shortest person I know is 5'2". I usually think of myself as average or short (depending on who I am around) at 6'. My dad is about 6'3"-6'4" so I feel short around him, and my wife is about 5'9" so I'm just average height around her.

      • Thundercracker

        I'm 5'11, but i'll occasionally get into arguments with people, insisting that i am actually 6 feet.

    • HA! Happy anniversary to you and yours. Today is my anniversary, so apparently April is a popular month around these parts.

  • Smartguy

    D3 beta

  • bsukenyan

    I should be up for some quarrel this weekend, I'm reading through Watchmen though and the first volume of Ultimate Spider-Man while waiting for a couple other tpb's to arrive. Between that and some other books I have been meaning to finish I should be pretty busy in between work.

  • SWTOR, ME3 Multiplayer, and The Witcher 2 on the 360.

    Spending the bulk of my time with SWTOR. I've got a Lv 50 Gunslinger (Range DPS), Lv 50 Sith Assassin (Melee DPS), Lv 37 Imperial Operative (Healer) and a Lv 18 Jedi Sage (Healer). I'm surprised how much I like playing the healer, as it's not something I would traditionally thought suited me, as I usually like the stealthy attack or ranged attack type of characters. In D&D, I'm usually the rogue, or the archer (sometimes both). But especially when grouping, I really enjoy playing the healer. I figure I'll try a tank spec eventually as i want to play all 8 classes.

    I've basically stopped playing the single player of ME3 until after the free patch this summer. We'll see how that changes my opinion of the ending. But I'm enjoying the multiplayer a lot more than I thought I would before the game launched. I just wish "A" didn't handle all of rezing, cover, rolls, etc. Nothing worse than trying to rez someone in the middle of combat and then accidentally going into cover instead.

    I like the Witcher 2 so far, though I haven't gotten very far yet due to the fact I can only play it after my son goes to bed due to all the gratuitous violence, cursing and lady parts. My chief complaint so far wis with the casting system, as it seems too cumbersome on the 360. All the spells are keyed to the Y button, and you have to pause the game to swap spells. So if you want to be a spellcasting heavy character, you'll be constantly pausing the game to swap out spells. Seems like hotkeying them to the d-pad would have made more sense.