RPad.TV Invitational: Double Quarrel Madness!

Would you guys and dolls like to join me for some Quarrel¬†excitement? This fine word game is like a cross between Scrabble and Risk. Please let me know if you’re down to play on Thursday. If so, shoot out some times you’re free. I’ll also host a weekend session if you’re down. Again, just shoot out some times you’d like to play.

Author: RPadTV


  • N8R

    I've never played Quarrel.

    And… I'm totally booked all day and night Thursday.

  • BigBlak

    I'm down I need to acquire more M$ points before tonight.

  • BigBlak

    Holy crap I just got a gift card for $150 from Best Buy from the TV we purchased a few months ago. I just came up $75!

    • Excellent find!

    • lceman

      You better hurry up and use it before they go out of business. I just dug up an old Blockbuster gift card and my knee-jerk happiness soon turned sour when I realized they had already filed for Chapter 11.

      It is looking as if Best Buy is following the same path as Circuit City.


      • bsukenyan

        For the most part. Circuit City and Best Buy have (had) two completely different issues though. Circuit City refused to go online, then complained when consumers went online to shop; Best Buy refuses to actually help their customers, and then complains when their customers are satisfied with customer service.

      • BigBlak

        I picked up 4000 points and Rage for $20, but that's coming in a week. That gives me more time for Forza, and what time are we playing?

  • BigBlak

    I got the demo and really enjoyed it, not a bad game for 400 M$ points.

    • BigBlak

      To be clear I didn't make the purchase.

  • bsukenyan

    Should be free later tonight. Sorry for the late reply, but I will hopefully see people on later tonight for this.

  • BigBlak

    What time is this happening?

  • Sorry for the late reply. I'm on now.

  • Totally hooked on quarrel now. After getting my butt whipped in the first two games I wasn't the first one out on game 3 once Rpad left and I took down BSU one on one! I'm teh awesome!