What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Gah! There’s so much that I want to play this weekend! I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Final Fantasy Tactics for iPad. It’s like falling in love all over again. However, I’m going to have to put it aside for a bit when my new iPad arrives today. I can’t wait to see the updated Infinity Blade II with its “Retina Display” (total marketing BS term, fyi) graphics. I also need to find time to play Asura’s Wrath (not that it’s very long); my friends are so split on this game that I need to see what’s up. Of course I’m hoping that those of you with a PlayStation 3 give Journey a shot. It’s such a beautiful experience.

What’s on your weekend playlist?

Author: RPadTV


  • tokz21

    Swtor and actually get around to clearing another game off my ps3. Maybe killzone3 or gta4. Most likely kz3 cuz its shorter.

  • Smartguy

    League of Legends. ELO is so high and the competition is heavy!

  • For the foreseeable future, my response to this will be SWTOR and ME3.

    Throw in a little SSX to change things up.

  • lceman

    Halo Anniversary. Getting a few of those achievements is going to be a bitch. If anybody here has that game (and you are good), please let me know. I could use a good wheel-man for "The Maw."


    • bsukenyan

      Hopefully I will get this in a week or two, then I will gladly try and help out with that achievement (and others). Batman: AC new game + will be keeping me a little busy until then though.

  • BF3 and Arkham City

  • BigBlak

    Today is my birthday, I'm hoping I get some money so I can win the lotto and/or buy a game or two. Shank 2 is on the weekend playlist.

    • Happy B-Day BB!

    • lceman

      Happy Belated Birthday, man. How's life on the west side? Don't you miss the water?


  • BigBlak

    Thanks for the birthday love y'all (I'm watching Paula Dean lol).