WTF?!? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Earlier in the week I woke up to the television playing a making-of feature on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I honestly thought I was dreaming, because this is the stupidest f*cking movie I’ve heard of in the last decade. I knew I wasn’t dreaming when one of the actresses said something along the lines of, “He was passionate about ending slavery, but he was also passionate about killing vampires.” The sheer stupidity of that comment woke me the hell up.

Is it really that hard to come up with an original plot and an original hero? Have things gotten so bad that we’re taking revered historical figures and placing them inĀ asinineĀ situations? I’m waiting for the sequel — John Adams: Werewolf Killer, which will be followed by Theodore Roosevelt and the Mummy’s Curse. In the immortal words of Randal Graves, “What the hell is wrong with this world?”

Author: RPadTV


  • tokz21

    Yes I'm quite aware of this movie and I'm kinda looking forward to it. I'm kinda surprised you've never heard of these stories, like pride & prejudice & zombies, George Washington werewolf, and Alice in dead land.

  • Smartguy

    I thought it was a joke when I saw the film crew in NOLA. Literally first thought "We shoot porn here as well??"

  • I must say, this is the most stupid idea of a movie ever. But on the bright side, your ranting has me laughing pretty hard.

  • Smartguy

    Herbert Hoover: Zombie Stomper

  • lceman

    Andrew Jackson: Swamp Monster Slayer


  • N8R

    George W. Bush: Martian Seeker

    (Funny cause it's true)

  • Lunias

    Lawyers: Invasion of the Blood-Sucking Parasites…

    Irony intended.

  • bsukenyan

    Yeah I've heard of these before, I'm also surprised you haven't heard of this movie before. It doesn't really look that great to me either though.

  • BigBlak

    John Kennedy: Yeti Man

  • Smartguy

    Benjamin Franklin: Banshee Thrasher

    • lceman

      Aww, I thought we were going to stick with Presidents only. You broke the chain.


      • Smartguy

        Founding father is close enough I thought haha.Sent from my iPhone 4

  • N8R

    Jimmy Carter: Bigfoot Wrangler

  • Lukas

    Somethind with Nixon would be funny as hell

  • N8R

    Felipe Calderón: El Luchador de Chupacabra

  • Tim Howard

    This is some if the funniest shit I've ever read haha

  • David

    I can't even say the title without feeling like a moron, if this is what people want to see then I have to say the majority of us are drool cup retarded because somebody literally threw darts at a wall of ideas to come up with this concept. This is it, I cannot defend Hollywood any longer to people always suggesting Hollywood is crap, they were right, Abe himself would face-palm in shame, "Is this what I died for?!?!?" Cripes…