What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend will be evenly split between my PlayStation 3 and my iPad 2. On the console side, I’ll be playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. My gaming-biz friends are all over the place with their opinions on the game. As a Final Fantasy homer, I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it. On the iPad side, I’ll be playing WinPokerHD. I’m headed to Las Vegas next week for DICE and I’ve randomly caught the video-poker bug. WinPokerHD is a fantastic training program that lets you practice, learn optimal play, and avoid mistakes. I used it a ton on my PC during my semi-pro gambling phase of 2001. Since video poker is played on a touchscreen, the game is even better on the iPad.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

Author: RPadTV


  • I'm still playing SWTOR, though I'm mixing in a little NHL 12 and SoulCalibur V for flavor. I'm at Lv 45 on my Smuggler now, and running around on Belsavis. It seems like the server pop is back up a little, because I can actually find a group on this world, and I couldn't find one for almost all of Act II.

    Also, I'm working on a Mass Effect table top conversion using the old 2nd Edition Storyteller system (because yes, I'm just that lame), which is nearing the playtesting phase. I had been running a conversion for Savage Worlds, but determined right before X-mas that I didn't like how unnecessarily brutal the SW system was, and I wasn't going to run it anymore. Also, the whole "Fast ! Fun! Furious!" tag line was a lie, because all we ever did was argue over the supposedly "simple" rule set. I've run a TON of Vampire: The Masquerade in the past and find Storyteller to be a really nice and easy system to run.

    The wife is playing FFXIII-2 and Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Occasionally, we even cross paths.

    • Kindly ask your wife who her favorite Skylanders are.

      • She's squarely in the Spyro camp. My 5 year son old loves Trigger Happy. What 5 year old boy wouldn't, I guess. We only have the three that came with the review copy. She's always been a Spyro fan and is writing that review for the website (so expect an abundant helping of snark). I've played it a little bit though. It's a really novel idea, but at $19.99 a pack for just ONE extra character…..I don't know man, we're a family on a budget. It seems pretty pricey.

      • It's $19.99 for a three-pack. $7.99 for one. Where are you seeing $19.99 for one?

      • Just did a quick search and am seeing crazy markups. Wow. I didn't know demand was that high. Crazy!!!

      • If they were still THOSE prices it wouldn't be so bad. But yeah, the single packs are up to $20 now. That's just insane.

  • camikitten

    Gonna be spending my weekend between FFXIV Online and FFXIII-2. Totally forgot about Soul Calibur V, and on a budget /sigh. But that's ok b/c that would make 8 started but unfinished ps3 games I need to get through lol. I'm really bad this year, maybe I should have made a New Years resolution?

  • Lunias

    I tried starting a LOTRO account, but my laptop lags too much. I'll end up playing Magic: The Gathering, since the release of a new set is tomorrow. I'll be in a tournament, though it's my first time participating. Hope everything goes well…

    • bsukenyan

      good luck!

      • Lunias

        Thanks! I'm studying Magic theory right now (drafting Limited over. And over. And over). Hopefully, I'll be able to pull off a U/W Spirits deck or a U/B Mill Yourself Zombie deck, since those cards are all I ever get in the draft so far… Plus they're my favorites anyway UNLESS I somehow manage to grab a large pool of Werewolves. Which will not happen, because werewolves are too good for most to pass up, and there aren't enough to go around.

  • bsukenyan

    I will be watching the Superbowl at a friends house and playing Pokemon Black. I'm also watching the end of season 2 of Justified and hoping I see N8 online for some Portal 2 (Got an idea on how we can finish up the two achievements we have left).

  • lceman

    I scored an Arkham City Robin DLC Bundle Pack code for $3.25 a couple of days ago.

    Free Market- 1
    Digital Distribution Only model- 0

    I'll be aiming to complete all the challenge maps (AGAIN!) as Robin, so that should take up most of my weekend. Trying to beat N8's high scores will also give me a run for my money. I really wish Nightshade would finish the challenge maps so we can have more of a friendly competition going on, but I don't blame him for Big Blak-ing out of trying to do finish them.

    On a related note, either I am a little rustier at AC than I thought or Robin sucks. He has all of the disadvantages of Batman and Nightwing, but none of the advantages. He really doesn't have much to compensate for this (unlike Catwoman) other than a limited bullet shield that sucks for combat. Maybe it's all in my head, because I know that realistically, all of the playable characters' basic move set are all the same with the exception of their visual animations. Still, I'd prefer Catwoman's super stealth, Batman's weapon disarm & destroy, or Nightwing's dive bomb over Robin's crappy snap flash(es) any day.

    @Mr. Padilla;
    Speaking of Nightwing, my wife saw the Arkham City version of Nightwing and she is convinced that I could pull the look off (when I grow out my hair again) for Halloween since we look similar. All I would have to do is find someone who could replicate the costume and mask meticulously and who knows, maybe you'll come across Nightwing one day at comic con who's secret identity is really Iceman.


    • That would be awesome. I expect extensive gymnastics and trapeze training for the utmost accuracy.

  • SlickyFats

    I have been trying to play Starhawk online Beta, but the download keeps failing near the end of a 344Mb download. I erased it all and started from scratch but it still fails.

    Besides that I am randomly playing the demos I have downloaded of the past few weeks, None are any good so far

  • tokz21

    Playing swtor and either finishing up LA Noire or MW3. My majority of gaming will be done Saturday and a few hours before the game.