Digital Vita Games Will Be Cheaper Than Physical Ones

Many of you were calling for digital PlayStation Vita games to be priced lower than their cartridge counterparts. Your calls have been answered! That’s how it works in Japan and that’s how it should work here, right?¬†Although precise price differences weren’t announced, Sony has confirmed that digital buyers will save money by going digital. Here’s a quote from a “Sony representative” snagged by Shacknews:

I can confirm that there will be a discount on the downloadable PS Vita titles from PSN. Exact details have not yet been revealed, but be on the lookout for an announcement in the very near future.

Like many of you have said in the past, it makes sense for digital downloads to be cheaper than cartridges. The costs of physical media, shipping, retail space, etc. are eliminated by going digital and consumers should be able to enjoy the savings. That said, I wonder if Sony’s retail partners are pissed about this and if their pissed-off-edness will limit the digital discount.

Any guess as to how much cheaper digital Vita games will be?


Author: RPadTV