Read Me on CuteMonster (Please)!

If you have a chance, please read this interview I did with CuteMonster. It’s a cool web site whose “mission is to provide a resource for Dads with young children.” In the interview I talk about videogame consoles, tablet computing, motion, and all that good stuff.

The site’s owner, Vincent Daly, is an old coworker of mine from Happy Puppy. I want his site to do well, so please give it a look and leave a comment if you have time.

Author: RPadTV


  • lceman


    Also, I read a article about how Kim Kardashian sucks on the site as I was browsing around. Those are always fun to read. Poor girl; sometimes I pity her… but then I think about how she decided to whore herself and her family out for the sake of some money and cheap publicity based on soley the fact that she has a leaked sex tape and only claim to fame was being friends with Paris Hilton and then I don't feel so bad about it anymore.

    Also, their "designer" fashion collection are sold at K-Mart which is staring bankrupcy straight in the face (again). LMFAO!!

    … poor girl.


  • Her dad was her original claim to fame. Without him, her other idiocy wouldn't have followed.