Best Videogame Sound of 2011

Now it’s time to sound off on the best videogame sound of 2011! Whether you’re talking about soundtracks, sound effects, or voice acting, I want to hear about your picks. For me, this was an easy choice: Portal 2. It had an amazing triumvirate of a great soundtrack, sharp sound effects, and wonderful voice acting. The super-cool part is that you can download the soundtrack for free!

I also have to give a shout-out to Bastion, which had a great soundtrack and an excellent narrator.

Kindly share your picks for the best videogame sound of 2011!

Author: RPadTV


  • Smartguy

    A 3-way tie between Skyward Sword, Portal 2 and SWTOR.

  • bsukenyan

    I haven't played Skyward Sword or heard the soundtrack, but I am sure it is very well done. My vote honestly has to go to Pokemon Black/White. I know that vote won't get much support, but especially compared to all previous games this generation had excellent music that complimented the game very well.

    • Smartguy

      It's pretty geeky but I really like the harp playing in Skyward Sword, especially the story events. In fact I even have an old ring tone from Ocarina of Time. The Bolero of Fire. I will not be shamed by this!

      • bsukenyan

        Good harp playing is great to listen to, and Zelda games have that type of music in them at its finest. I used to have some mario and zelda ringtones as well.

  • Sandrock

    The opening theme to Skyrim almost made me cry.