Best Videogame Graphics of 2011

Following up on your choices for the best game of the year, I’d love to hear about your picks for the best videogame graphics of 2011. A lot of people were high on Battlefield 3, while others raved about Rage. LA Noire won over fans with its realistic faces and incredible detailed version of 1947 Los Angeles. What videogame visuals stuck out to you?

As for me, I’m going with an unusual choice — Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP. Obviously the visuals aren’t the most technically impressive in the world, but I love the style and feel. More than any other game I played in 2011, the graphics in Sword and Sworcery stuck in my head. There’s a lot to be said about videogame art that truly resonates with you and stays in your mind long after you’ve played the game.

Now it’s your turn! What’s your choice for the best videogame graphics of 2011?

Author: RPadTV


  • Smartguy

    Hands down Witcher 2. My rig runs BF3 on ultra but would choke up on max for Witcher 2 uber sampling. Also best rpg of 2011. It won't get love from the console only crowd or Skyrim folks unfortunately.

  • Graphically, Uncharted 3 was better than anything else I played this year. Too bad the gameplay and story didn't evolve as well as the graphics did from the second one.

  • Sandrock

    Minecraft. I have to give it to Notch for sticking with the graphic detail he chose, even though many in the community demand he change it. I know ten years from now, people will still be making a references to it and I will still get them.

  • BigBlak

    LA Noire has the best facial animation, everything else, not so much.