Get Your Ghosts Attack and Tarver Games T-Shirts

My pal Chris Cross at Tarver Games recently blogged about a few slick company t-shirts. Available now is a sweet Ghosts Attack t-shirt. The shirt features the icon from Cross’ slick iOS game. Coming soon, partially because I pestered him about how cool it would be, is a Tarver Games t-shirt. I’ve always loved the Tarver Games logo. Donkeys are funny.

Picking up a Ghosts Attack t-shirt has been proven by Ivy League statisticians to increase the coolness of your wardrobe by 22 percent. Matching it with some swag (an excellent holiday gift) improves your wardrobe immeasurably. Seriously though, the Ghosts Attack shirt looks great and supports future projects from Tarver Games. Pick one up if you get a chance (please)!

Author: RPadTV