“99 Percent” By Justin Leeper

Check out this video for the song “99 Percent” by longtime RPad.tv¬†friend Justin Leeper, author of the book Still Man Fights. He wrote it in support of the “Occupy” movement sweeping the nation. After you give it a listen, please leave him some feedback on the song in the comments section.

Also, let’s have some fun with it too! I challenge you to rewrite Justin’s lyrics for thoughtful or mirthful purposes. For example, my favorite verse is around the 0:58 mark:

Ruining the nation,
The greed that they spawn,
Is Armageddon.”

My version goes like this:

Spicy Cajuns,
Stone Cold Steve Austin,
Cheap Lisa Munn.”

Now it’s your turn! Channel your inner Lennon/McCartney and play with the lyrics.

Author: RPadTV


  • Thundercracker

    I would say something, but i'm totally a 1 percenter

    • N8R


      If that's the case, you should hit the Donate button more often and then write it off of your way too high taxes.

      • Yeah! What N8R said. He has the "10 Pounds of Gold" so you should listen to him.

  • N8R

    I have to step aside on this.

    I'm a musician of like 25 years from the East Coast. I can break it down by the syllable, but I don't want to.

    I will say I admire the inspiration and the writing is done well. The production quality…. is a little difficult for me to listen through. The vocals are too separated from the rest of the mix. Even for a demo.

    Yes, I'm a total snob when it comes to this. I completely apologize, it really is a me problem.

    • No, those are completely valid points. He's new at this so the errors with recording and mixing are obvious. Now rewrite the lyrics into funny stuff!

      • N8R

        Yeah… but the "me problem" is that I can't just smile and nod. When asked my opinion about a song, I've had to do this with musicians for so long that years ago I realized I was doing an artist a disservice by holding back negative opinions for the sake of boosting confidence.

        I have early Guns 'N Roses demos I can't bare to listen to. And they turned out to be Guns 'N Roses. I can hear and appreciate the music in those old Velvet Underground records, but I can't have them in my regular rotation or they'll drive me nuts.

        Regardless, my point is… you should produce him, Ray.

      • Ha! Nah, not my thing. I have my own goals for the site and those are already behind because of other work.

    • jLeeper

      Fair enough. I did this with a cheap mic and free-ish software. Wasn't doing it for production values, obviously; just wanted to express my sentiments.
      Not to disregard your analysis obviously. Just wanted you to know where I was coming from.