“99 Percent” By Justin Leeper

Check out this video for the song “99 Percent” by longtime RPad.tv¬†friend Justin Leeper, author of the book Still Man Fights. He wrote it in support of the “Occupy” movement sweeping the nation. After you give it a listen, please leave him some feedback on the song in the comments section.

Also, let’s have some fun with it too! I challenge you to rewrite Justin’s lyrics for thoughtful or mirthful purposes. For example, my favorite verse is around the 0:58 mark:

Ruining the nation,
The greed that they spawn,
Is Armageddon.”

My version goes like this:

Spicy Cajuns,
Stone Cold Steve Austin,
Cheap Lisa Munn.”

Now it’s your turn! Channel your inner Lennon/McCartney and play with the lyrics.

Author: RPadTV