Grand Theft Auto V Debut Trailer — Discuss!!!

As promised, Rockstar Games has unveiled the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Check it out and let me know what you think (please!). Will this be the best GTA yet?!? Are you hot for this game?!? Why am I screaming?!?

Author: RPadTV


  • bsukenyan

    I think that looks pretty good. The graphics are a definite improvement, and I remember thinking GTA4 looked amazing, and if the trailer is to be trusted the details are pretty good too (I'm thinking of the convertible putting the top down, small things like that). Probably not a day one must buy for me at all, but it will be something I pick up eventually. I just hope they don't force any part of the story on the player like the wedding in GTA4, if they fixed things like that then this one should be worth all the hype it seems to be getting thus far.

  • N8R

    Yeah… I'm there.

  • Redd75

    After seeing Liberty City in IV, I was REALLY hoping they'd give Vice City the 'update' that Liberty got. And when I saw the opening shot of the life guard hut on the beach, I was like "pleasebeViceCitypleasebeViceCity!!!" But I'm still excited that we'll get to go back to San Andreas. I watched the trailer first off R*'s FB page, and someone commented that the V in the logo might stand for Vercetti, which makes sense to me, given the voiceover and the guy you see at the :40 second mark.

    • N8R

      Is it wrong that I laughed when I saw all those illegals picking oranges get dusted in the trailer?

      That sounds alot like Ray Liotta (movie star/voice of Tommy) doing the voice too. He would be much older too.

  • lceman

    You are screaming because you just wet your britches thinking about leaping off of the roof of Pirates of Men's Pants Casino in Las Venturas with a jet pack strapped to your back and a Molotov cocktail in your hand in the middle of rush hour traffic on the strip.


    • N8R

      I'd want to ride the bike off first and then jump off of it in air.

  • tokz21

    Yeah I won't get this launch day but I will eventually.

    • N8R

      Yep… and Nightshade wasn't going to buy Uncharted 3 either.

      Hell, I wasn't going to get Arkham City.

      • tokz21

        I bought gta4 last year and I have yet to play it lol. I think I will stick to my plan.

  • Smartguy

    Hmm…I'll go against the stream and disagree that the visuals are great. They look dated.

    That said..I'm not sure they can recapture what made San Andreas great. The story, characters, west coast rapper cliches, were all just right. I might check this out depending on what I hear when it isn't $60.

    • N8R

      The story?

      The story was the #1 (and possibly only) complaint about San Andreas. It was all over the place. What I loved about San Andreas was the massive freedom among a complex environment and Danzig on the Radio.

      As for the cliches… there are SEVERAL California cliches to explore and satire and the rappers are just one aspect. Examples being:

      The visible "poverty lines". A good example is Santa Monica and Venice. The people in Santa Monica have money and the people in Venice not as much. The borderline is clearly visible between them due to the maintenance. There are many, many other examples of this throughout SoCal.

      There needs to be certain blocks and streets of like almost every city where every other storefront is a medical marijuana dispensary.

      Freeway traffic has to be insane and very dangerous.

      Forest fires…. they screw up everything.

      The meth running bikers.

      The Jewish mob is on top of everything.

      Random unemployed people dressed up as movie characters hoping to get tips from tourists taking pictures.

      The In & Out phenomenon (you really have to live here to get it).

      People that get angry with you for not knowing how to speak Spanish in America.

      Emo kids.

      Half of the bands you can go see on any given night are tribute bands.

      I'm sure I'm missing some too. But since Tommy is actually originally from Liberty City, he should complain about the pizza on a regular basis.

      • Smartguy

        Yeah I'm prob in the minority in the story here. I did not care for Vice City, so the crime story of CJ and Tenpenny stands out to me. I enjoyed drive bys, the rap, and RPG element.Great suggestions btw.Sent from my iPad

      • Thundercracker

        those are really good suggestions, i particularly enjoyed the idea of the random unemployed people dressed up as movie characters…seriously, you should submit some of those to R*

    • bsukenyan

      I never really played San Andreas. I mean I played some of GTA3, San Andreas and Vice City, but all on someone else's PS2 and at random times so I never got the full experience of getting to play them. Eventually I played about half of GTA3, but that was still about 5 years ago, and I played a few of the first missions of Vice City.

      Since I can't compare anything about the story from game to game, how do you think the visuals look dated?

      • Smartguy

        That trailer isn't very representative of how the final product will look. To be honest, the character animations seem very stiff. Maybe it's part of their art style though? The flat textures are what really does me in about the Euphoria engine though. I just see the same engine and visuals from 4 years ago with GTA4.

      • Thundercracker

        i agree 100 percent, i sort of would rather not see a GTA trailer, until i can get some idea of what the actual gameplay looks like. Cut scenes do not impress me

  • BigBlak