Meanwhile, Over at Padvance….

Here’s a selection of articles I wrote for Padvance last week. If you have a chance and are interested in the topics, please check ’em out! From cases that turn your iPhone or iPad into a 70-inch monster to Gameloft getting cozy with sexy Sony tablets to Logitech remote-control wizardry, there’s some neat stuff happening at Padvance.

Padzilla! — This case (using the term in the loosest possible sense) turns your iOS device into a 70-inch tablet. It’s useful for presentations and living in absurd excess.

Logitech Harmony Link — Logitech makes some of the best and most powerful remotes on the market. This device combines a hardware hub and an app so that you can use your iPad as a wondrous remote control with a personalized programming guide.

Nvidia Kal-El Packs a Fifth “Companion Core” — Although I was disappointed to learn that Kal-El doesn’t have a weighted companion cube, I was psyched to learn about the fifth companion core on this upcoming Tegra chip. This should help the Tegra line match or exceed the power efficiency some of its competitors enjoy.

Sprint Capping Mobile Hotspot Use Starting October — This is a bummer. Sprint was the last of America’s “big four” mobile carriers to offer truly unlimited data service. Starting October 2, 2011 it will be capping mobile hotspot use at 5GB per month.

In-App Purchasing Earns 72% of App Store Revenue — Very interesting stats on Apple’s App Store revenue. Freemium with in-app purchasing is huge!

Citigroup Survey Finds That the iPad is More For Play Than Work — This survey was headed up by someone named Captain Obvious.

Gameloft Optimizing Five Games for Sony Android Tablets — Sony’s sexy Tablet S and unique Tablet P get some special treatment from Gameloft.

Amazon September 28 Press Event — This is almost definitely for the Android Kindle tablet. The timing is right. It’s in the publishing center of the world. Lay it on me Amazon!!!

Author: RPadTV