Two Changes in the Star Wars Trilogy Blu-ray Compilation

Here are a pair of YouTube clips that show changes found in the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray compilation. They’re varying degrees of painful. The clip above shows the climactic scene of Luke Skywalker’s showdown with Emperor Palpatine. As Luke’s father (Darth Vader) looks on, he’s torn on whether to support his emperor or save his son. In the original scene, he’s completely silent, but you can feel his conflict. In the new scene, he picks up Palpatine and shouts, “Nooooooo!!!” It’s frickin’ terrible.

The second scene features Obi-Wan Kenobi scaring off some Tusken Raiders (Sand People) messing with Luke’s land speeder. Kenobi mimics a krayt dragon…but in the revamped version he sounds more like Ric Flair screaming as he blades in a steel cage match. It’s not as offensive a change as the first scene, but it’s still not good.

Although Badass News has confirmed the scenes as real, I really hope they’re not. I’m super looking forward to Star Wars on Blu-ray, but now I’m very much scared of seeing stupid changes that are completely unnecessary.

How about you? Are you scared of what George Lucas has in store for the Star Wars Blu-ray compilation?


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  • N8R

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    • George Lucas doesn't want you to see these scenes.

      • lceman

        Sorry, Mr. Padilla, but I had to "thumbs up" that one. It was just too good.


  • lceman

    This is all I have to say about the subject:

    Once again, Matt & Trey prove that their form of satire is just awesome, plus they have the added benefit of predicting the future.


    • BigBlak


  • Smartguy

    Not as bad as I thought with the first clip…but unnecessary all the same.

  • bsukenyan

    They are both horrible changes, just like Greedo shooting first. Other than coming up with the original idea for Star Wars, George Lucas is the worst thing for the series. It's almost like he enjoys creating something amazing and then tearing it down and destroying it piece by piece over a period of years.

    Also this:

  • tokz21

    These arent as bad as my sister telling me that Lucas cgi'd the puppet Yoda out of the Empire and Jedi movies. Idk if it's confirmed as changes too for the blu-ray but i'm a little disappointed in that change.

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  • irontoes

    Call me crazy but I hated the puppet Yoda from the Phantom so this is an improvement in my opinion. The Yoda puppet from the 70's though I liked.

    In the long run none of this matters to me because I will likely never watch any of these again anyway.

    • Didn't Yoda first appear in the '80s?

      • irontoes

        I'm getting old, anything past 1995 is a blur to me now.

  • BigBlak


    Honestly who cares because we are all still going to watch it.