Apple iCloud Premium Pricing Revealed

When Apple first announced its iCloud serivce, it revealed that users will get 5GB of cloud storage for free. Boy Genius Report has discovered the cost for “premium” iCloud tiers as revealed in the developer beta program. In the immortal words of Tone Loc, it goes a little something like this:

Users can sign up for an additional 10GB of storage (15GB total) for $20 per year, 20GB of additional storage for $40 per year, or 50GB of added storage for $100 per year.

What do you think of Apple’s iCloud pricing tiers? Are you going to up your storage? Or are you going to stick with the free 5GB plan?


Author: RPadTV


  • Smartguy

    I can't use it since I am not signing in with Lion or iOS 5. Oh well. Not upgrading either OS for the foreseeable future.

    • lceman

      I'm on the same boat. I've grown leery of Apple's software updates as of late. Also, my "if it ain't broke, don''t fix it" mentality applies to the current OS on my Mac as well.


  • I'll stick with the 5gb Free model. Since I don't really plan on using the cloud for anything other than music, I see no reason to pay a yearly fee for extra space…

  • tokz21

    I mightve been interested before but my zumocast app is still working so i can stream my music from my external drive

  • SlickyFats

    I have been using Google Music beta. It lets me upload up to 20,000 songs. Currently it is at 1,421 and uploading more. Seems to work well and is free for now.

    • SlickyFats

      HAHA. I love this. It is uploading my old(er) music currently and 1,2,3,4 (sumpin' new) by Coolio just got uploaded. I haven't heard that in forever.

    • N8R

      20,000 songs is not enough for me. Neither is 5GB or 50GB. For what I lack in bandwidth usage… I make up for in music hoarding.

      My music collection (which is always growing) is currently at 26,622 songs which takes up 150GB. In fact, I have to buy a new external for my music soon. My goal is to own a TB of music I care about.

      What I think I'm going to do is eventually put it all on a server and give all my friends access to listen to all my music whenever they want. That would be cool.

      • SlickyFats

        I checked my music last night when selecting folder to upload I have already topped 300Gb. Granted there are some duplicates in there but I have a TON of music. I tend to take music as payment when I work on friends computers.

        Many of the songs I selected won't upload due to DRM. So far 900ish songs have been denied.

      • That's interesting. I wonder what tags or data it's checking. I've uploaded 1,684 songs and none of them were rejected.

      • SlickyFats

        Not really sure. It just says DRM next to the ones that is rejected. Except 1 said something about it being the wrong format… was a WAV file. I'll check into more when I get back home

      • WAV isn't supported. Currently supported extensions are .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, .flac, and .wma.

      • SlickyFats

        On my phone when I am streaming music, the online song play through, but when they reach the end of the song they start over. And not like it is repeating they just continue on. I checked the time on one and it said 5:15 of 4:32. It plays past the length of the song when repeating. That happen to you?

      • I've only streamed from office PCs, never my phone. I have several 32GB MicroSD cards for local storage. On PC, the streaming is fine.

      • N8R

        That's cool that it accepts flacs.

      • Actually psyched that it uses OGG. I have a ton of OGG files on an old iRiver player that was my GameSpy interview recorder.

      • N8R

        I haven't even heard of that extension in years. I wonder if there's some asswipe out there that insists on all his audio files being OGG.

      • N8R

        Wow…. I will catch up, I swear it. I probably would have already if I liked new country and techno.

        But… I don't. The last thing i obtained was a bunch of Yngwie Malmsteen (holy shit is that guy amazing).

        I have made certain that all my music is 100% DRM free and 0 duplicates unless it's a track that was on an album and something else like a soundtrack. Or the maxi-single stuff… but I usually pass on those.

        Also… the Zumocast thing is working out for me and I want for Lion to straighten up and fly right before I look into how I can make my Mac a server. Then it's a new ball game.

  • bsukenyan

    This doesn't really mean a whole lot to me. I love N8's idea of getting a server for his music, lol. I don't feel a need to only access my music through the cloud, if I want to wirelessly access my music I will just (finally) get a network drive and run everything through my wireless network. Google music sounds more interesting though if it can support up to 20,000 songs. I only have about 11,000. Roughly 75 gbs total I think. I still prefer my own hdd space instead of cloud storage though. I find it easier to access music and movies that way, some files could be stored on the cloud though and I love my gmail being cloud based as well. The cloud is a cool idea, but in reality hit or miss for me.

    • N8R

      I prefer my own HDD space too. If I used the cloud, it would only be for backup.

      I already have all my music and videos streaming to my tv's with Xboxes and my phone anywhere I go. What I want to be able to do, is give you and other people read only access anytime they want. Kind of like my own on demand radio station.