HBO Go Users Get Two New Episodes of Game of Thrones

In a brilliant promo, HBO will let its HBO Go customers see two new episodes of Game of Thrones this coming Sunday, instead of one. The first episode will be available on television and HBO Go streaming, while the second episode will be an HBO Go exclusive for one week. HBO Go has been getting rave reviews and the app — available on Android and iOS — has already been downloaded one-million times. A promo that combines the app with one of HBO’s hottest shows will surely be a success.

Unfortunately for me, my crap bag cable provider — Time Warner Cable — does not allow its customers to use HBO Go. I’d love to watch two new episodes of Game of Thrones on Sunday, but Time Warner is denying its customers an excellent HBO service and my building isn’t wired for AT&T U-Verse or satellite.

I’ve been incredibly satisfied with streaming movies and television on my iPad 2. Netflix, Crackle, and the Time Warner Cable app have been great. I’m so bummed that I won’t be able to take advantage of this Game of Thrones promotion (unless Time Warner Cable removes its head from its ass this week).

Any of you using HBO Go? Are you happy with the app and service? Are you psyched for the Game of Thrones promo?

Author: RPadTV