WWE 2011 Draft Results and Analysis

WWE held its annual draft on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Things started off with a bang as Smackdown chose John Cena with the first pick. Here are the result of the results…

WWE held its annual draft on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Things started off with a bang as Smackdown chose John Cena with the first pick. Here are the result of the results:

  • John Cena to Smackdown
  • Rey Mysterio to Raw
  • Randy Orton to Smackdown
  • Mark Henry to Smackdown
  • Sin Cara to Smackdown
  • Big Show to Raw
  • Alberto Del Rio to Raw
  • John Cena back to Raw

Of course Cena was going to end up back on Raw. He’s the company’s top face and sells a ton of merchandise. You can’t have him on the secondary show. Sin Cara and Mysterio switching places makes a ton of sense. Sin Cara has blown a few spots due to his high-risk style; having him on the taped show will make him look better. Mysterio will probably get buried on Raw, but he’ll eventually have an incredible match or an amazing train wreck taking on Sin Cara (possibly at WrestleMania). Del Rio has been outstanding and deserves a permanent spot on the primary show. As for the other picks…meh.

More talent will shuffle this week as the WWE 2011 supplemental draft takes place on WWE.com. For now, please let me know what you think of the roster changes (please!).

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  • RRODizHere

    There is now less reason to watch Smackdown than there already was. Sheamus is still in the doghouse, I see. I like R. Truth's heel turn.

    • I'm loving Truth's heel turn. He smokes cigarettes and spouts nonsense. It's awesomely bad.

  • Nightshade386

    WHY does Mark Henry still have a job in pro wrestling? He's always been dreadful.

  • RRODizHere

    Here's the rest of the draft results:

    Daniel Bryan to SmackDown

    Jack Swagger to Raw

    The Great Khali to SmackDown

    Jimmy Uso to SmackDown

    Kelly Kelly to Raw

    JTG to Raw

    Alicia Fox to SmackDown

    William Regal to SmackDown

    Yoshi Tatsu to SmackDown

    Drew McIntyre to Raw

    Natalya to SmackDown

    Curt Hawkins to Raw

    Chris Masters to Raw

    Jey Uso to SmackDown

    Kofi Kingston to Raw

    Ted DiBiase to SmackDown

    Tyson Kidd to SmackDown

    Tamina to SmackDown

    Tyler Reks to Raw

    Alex Riley to SmackDown

    Beth Phoenix to Raw

    Sheamus to SmackDown

    There is very little reason to watch Smackdown.

    • RRODizHere
    • Nightshade386

      Why couldn't it be "The Great Khali released from his contract."

      • RRODizHere

        Agreed. It looks like it hurts him to just walk.

      • Nightshade386

        Meh, he's just awful. Perfect example of Vince signing a big man with no talent just because he's big.

      • That's why he was signed, but I think there's more to why he's being kept. WWE has been aggressive with its global expansion and Khali draws huge in India. It's funny reading Indian newspaper articles about Khali; a lot of them have quotes from other WWE wrestlers putting him over as if he were a combination of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

        Yeah, he definitely sucks in the ring, on the mic, at walking, etc., but he's a valuable marketing tool for the South Asian market.

  • Iceman

    Anybody want to go with me to Raw on May 2nd if you happen to be in the area? I'm looking for an excuse to go, but I don't really know too many people that like wrestling enough to go with me.


    • bsukenyan

      In a mildly related note, and Ii wouldn't have been in May, but I tried to convince my fiance that we should go to Miami for Florida (I've never actually been anywhere in Florida) but she said no because she was just there two summers ago.

      • bsukenyan

        that's what I get for trying to type and pay attention in class—I meant go to Miami for our honeymoon.

      • Iceman

        I just have to say that I think Miami wouldn't be the best choice for a Honeymoon, unless it was like Miami Beach or something, but even in that case, you're still getting ripped off since everything is so expensive on the beach.

        If you guys are going to come this far, you might as well go on a weekend cruise around to the Bahamas. There's probably a lot more to do and it's a great value.

        For my honeymoon, I went to Hawaii and it was just all sorts of awesome. I highly recommend that if you can do it.

        I've since told everyone that if anything happens down here, I'll be moving to Hawaii as my "back-up plan". I just have to remember to make lots of copies of my kid's long-form birth certificate just in case…


      • bsukenyan

        Yeah I was trying for Miami beach or something like that. A cruise down there was an option too but she is unsure about being able to handle a boat like that. Hawaii would be really nice, it's just a little expensive since I'm paying for it and I've already paid for plenty of other things so far. I'd love to make it there some day though.

    • smartguy

      That would be fun. Bummer.

      I'm going to Hell in a Cell ppv in October. In case anyone wants to drop by in NOLA