My Three Favorite Products From CTIA 2011

CTIA Wireless International 2011 just wrapped up and loads of hot mobile products were announced at the show. From scorching phones to hot tablets, the show was a nice sneak peak at what’s next in the mobile world. Here are my three favorite products from CTIA 2011.

Google Nexus S 4G (Sprint): Although the Nexus S is a few months old, I was excited by what this updated product represents. The Nexus S 4G is pretty much a Nexus S with an additional radio for Sprint’s WiMax network. I love that a vanilla Android flagship product will be available on another carrier (the original Nexus S works with T-Mobile’s frequencies). I also loved that this product was announced along with a company-wide integration of Google Voice. I’m a huge fan of Google Voice and hope that Google can strike similar deals with other carriers. I also find it hilarious that people are already speculating that Google plans to buy Sprint (I sincerely doubt it).

HTC Evo View 4G¬†(Sprint): This Sprint tablet is based off of the HTC Flyer, which I fell in love with (at least in terms of looks) in February. Sadly, the shiny aluminum sexiness was traded for a darker look. Still, it’s a good looking tablet and packs some nice HTC Sense features. It will be interesting to see if Sprint can do well with a seven-inch tablet with ample multimedia features. I’m curious to see if the 1.5GHz processor can cut the mustard. Early benchmarks (albeit on pre-release ¬†software) were not impressive. I’m also interested to see how long it will take for a Honeycomb upgrade. Perhaps the Evo View 4G’s beauty is only skin deep? Still, she’d make a nice trophy wife.

T-Mobile G2X: Going into the show, I did not care about this product at all. It’s based off of the LG Optimus 2X, which features excellent hardware that’s crippled by a crap Android skin. When I learned that T-Mobile’s version will feature vanilla Android, I suddenly got interested. When I learned that this phone will be compatible with T-Mobile’s updated “HSPA+ 42” speeds, I got super interested. (HSPA+ 42 offers speeds that are inline with and sometimes surpass Verizon’s mercurial LTE network.) I’m not a fan of the plastic construction and a few friends at the show said that it felt cheap, but man this phone’s internal components are hot. Aside from the plastic, it’s pretty much everything I want in a phone — big screen, dual-core processor, T-Mobile WiFi calling, and zippy broadband speeds.

Those were the three CTIA 2011 products that got my motor running. Any of ’em interest you? How about other products that were announced at the show?

Author: RPadTV