Check Out My Review of De Blob 2 (Please)

If you have a moment, please head on over to and check out my review of De Blob 2. The original was cool and full of potential. The sequel made some improvements, but also took several steps back. I’m going to guess that the publisher didn’t give the developer enough time and/or money to make the game great. There are just too many design flaws that detract from the lovely music and sound. Now it’s time to quote myself:

I wanted to love De Blob 2. I’m a huge fan of the game’s art and setting. Sadly, its targeting and save point distribution make it tough to recommend for all gamers. If you’re a highly skilled player that loves a challenge then you might be able to look past the game’s artificial difficulty. If you play like most mere mortals then the moments of joy you experience will be negated by moments of frustration. With a few more months in the oven, this game could have turned out great. Instead, it’s just conditionally good. It’s such a shame because the highs are really good. It’s just that the lows will probably cause most gamers to break things.

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Author: RPadTV