I Love the WWE Legal System

Michael Cole was set to have JBL as his special guest referee at WrestleMania XXVII…but “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had other plans. As JBL was about to sign his referee contract, Austin hit the ring, landed a stunner on JBL, spilled beer all over the place, signed the contract, landed another stunner, and spilled some more beer.

I love how WWE contracts work. I remember when Chris Benoit was about to sign a WrestleMania title match against Triple H. Shawn Michaels hit the ring, gave Benoit a superkick, and signed the contract to face Hunter. It’s a plot device that has been used over and over again. It makes absolutely no sense, but people buy it. It’s awesome and I love it.

Now let me get back to my master plan of crashing Albert Pujol’s next contract signing. I’m going to lay him out with a baseball bat and sign a multi-year contract that’s worth more than $100-million. It’ll be legit by WWE logic.

Author: RPadTV