Gas Powered Games Developing Age of Empires Online

On a recent Facebook update, Gas Powered Games founder and CEO Chris Taylor announced that his company will be the new lead developer for Age of Empires Online. One of the best-selling PC-game series of all time, Age of Empires was started by the late Ensemble Studios. Robot Entertainment, comprised of former Ensemble talent, was originally slated to handle Age of Empires Online.¬†While I’m still bitter about Microsoft shutting down Ensemble, I’m thrilled that the AoE will live on through an excellent developer like Gas Powered Games. Here’s what Taylor had to say:

Newsflash! Today we’re announcing at the MS SanFran event, GPG is now the lead developer of Age of Empires Online!

As Chris mentioned in our chat at DICE 2011 (embedded below), he had an exciting announcement to make in the near future. Yeah, this qualifies as exciting. Ha!

Anyone curious to see what Gas Powered does with Age of Empires?


Author: RPadTV


  • bsukenyan

    I used to love that series. Played a lot of hours on that series before, so even though I haven't played it too recently I am pretty interested in seeing how this goes. Who knows, maybe I will try it out.