What Are You Playing Over New Year’s Weekend?

What games will you ring in the new year with? As for me, it’s the same setup as last week. My friend Kenny is in town and he’s a casual PS3 gamer. I figure we’ll play some X-Men Arcade and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on my Xbox 360. Plus, this will be a good excuse to download the Knives Chau DLC.

What’s on your new year’s weekend playlist?

Author: RPadTV


  • Big Blak

    I am going to be playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood (single and multiplayer) and A World for Keflings.

  • bsukenyan

    Pokemon HeartGold. I'm busy catching legendaries today, and then I also have to write a paper on biological adaptation while my fiance is at work before classes start in a little over a week. Then I should probably be looking for places to apply in Chicago for after graduation, so between those three things I should be pretty busy.

    • Which ones are you hunting?

      • bsukenyan

        Plenty! Moltres in Heartgold and finally going to get Mesprit in Diamond right now. Moltres had so little hp that I couldn't even see the status bar and used 30 ultra balls, but I still couldn't catch him.

        I have a lot of legendaries to catch since I never really focused on it before, and I have to get all of the ones from Kanto on my heartgold version so I can trade them to Black/White once I can.

      • Let me know if you need any master balls.

      • Iceman

        Bsukenyan, Mr. Padilla just asked you if you want his "master balls".


      • bsukenyan

        that doesn't sound like a bad idea if you have any extras. my last one was used to capture Dialga, because I was running in to the same problem with him.

        I'm about to get a golbat that knows mean look so that I can keep mesprit and cressalia from running and hopefully give me a better chance of catching them with ultra balls. Giratina want through about 30 ultra balls, all my timer balls, and all my dusk balls- so I will be soft resetting until I can catch him.

  • N8R

    No idea…

    Might play the Alan Wake DLC… might not.

    I don't know, we'll see.

  • SlickyFats

    Bad Company 2 Vietnam, Flamethrowers are FUN.

    Also THE FIGHT. This game wears my ass out, but is so fun especially with 2 people and 4 move controllers. I love boxing my friends, although someone did get a left hook to the cheek the other day. And he is still pissed about it!!!

  • smartguy

    Cataclysm and Black OPs

  • Iceman

    I started to play "Lara Croft; Guardian of Light" with my wife last night, and I have to say that it's a pretty good little co-op game (Bsukenyan, pay attention). It reminds me of Diablo. I'm also going to keep chugging away at Bioshock 2 multiplayer if anyone wants to join me. I'll probably buy the Minerva's Den add-on soon as well.

    After I'm done with those two games, it'll be time to FINALLY start Fallout 3!


    • bsukenyan

      Thanks for the heads up, I will have to take a look at that one. My fiance has tried to play another one of the Tomb Raider games for her 360 and it seems to be at her level of play, but she isn't as good at working through a game by herself. She has fun though, so if it is co-op that should work perfectly.

      And I've still thought about playing Fallout 3 also, but if I do play it then it may be a while down the road. And if I ever finish the solo campaign on Army of Two I will have to send that on down your way if you'd like, it's pretty decent co-op that perhaps you and you're wife might enjoy.

  • Took Knives for a spin in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. She's so cute!!!

    • tokz_21

      Careful rpad she's only 17. I cant wait to download this later!

      • She's 18 by the end of the series.

      • tokz_21


        You were right! Knives is awesome. I think im in *sighs* "love"!

  • thundercracker

    if anyone is playing black ops on ps3, add scary_german_guy,,,then go to my file share and witness the 48 kill team deathmatch game i laid on some clowns yesterday..

  • Nightshade386

    A bunch of Kinect stuff with the family, WWE SDvsR'11, and possibly starting up Enslaved.

  • bsukenyan

    Happy New Year everyone!!!! about to start playing games with the fiance now to start the new year off right.

  • Big Blak

    Damn it! I forgot to renew my XBL account in November I had 1 free month and its 2011 lol. Eff it, happy new year again everyone!!!!

  • redtailman

    the sly collection and assassin's creed brotherhood

  • Big Blak

    ACB is turning out to be pretty awesome.