Anyone Else Alarmed By What’s Going on in Korea?

While you were sleeping, North Korea launched more than 200 artillery shells at South Korea. Each side has claimed that the other shot first (What is this? Han and Greedo?). Here’s more on the situation from MSNBC.

Anyone else really scared about this brewing situation? Despite its claims of being able to refine uranium for nuclear weapons, North Korea is mostly harmless to Americans…but when you bring China and Iran into the mix then a new “Axis of Evil” seems ready to…do whatever evil things evil axis do.

Obviously I’m concerned because I have family and friends in various part of Asia, but North Korea can wreak havoc in the region and reshape the world — physically, politically, and economically. All it takes is one crazy man (or his son) pushing a button and the world will be changed forever.

Author: RPadTV