I Hate FedEx…So Much

I was supposed to receive a FedEx overnight package today. The item was integral for a video I’m shooting this week. I was at home when the FedEx driver “attempted” to deliver it. Unfortunately, he was a moron. For some reason, he didn’t bother coming up to my apartment. He didn’t bother going to my building’s security desk and leave the package with them, which is normal procedure. Instead, he left a FedEx door tag on the side entrance of my building.

Fortunately, I went down to the local convenience store shortly after he left the door tag and was furious at the driver’s ineptitude. I called FedEx customer “service” — a department that was completely useless in my last go-round with the company — to complain and get another delivery attempt. The CSR contacted the driver, who claimed that management wouldn’t let him into the building. That’s complete b*llshit, since that’s handled by security, not management. The genius must have been speaking with the management of the pizza parlor next door.

The CSR also said that it would be difficult for the driver to deliver the package to me because he doesn’t have a cell phone. My friend’s five-year old has a cell phone. The CSR said that he would contact the driver and call me back. I never received a callback.

This is the second time this year that FedEx ineptitude has interfered with my work. I receive packages all the time. I haven’t had major problems with Ontrac or UPS. I’m impressed that FedEx has managed to completely f*ck up two of my deliveries in major ways. That’s a special brand of idiocy.

Author: RPadTV