DC Universe Online “Savior or Destroyer?” Trailer

I’m really not an MMO guy anymore (went through a bad EverQuest phase and I’m scared to be that way again), but the more I see of DC Universe Online, the more excited I am for the game. I’m pretty sure this game will drag me back to the dark side. I’m a videogame nerd and a comic-book geek. I don’t think I can resist.

Check out the latest trailer when you get a chance and let me know if you’re interested in forming a superhero team with me. We can be The Super Buddies, Part Deux!

Author: RPadTV


  • smartguy

    Come to WoW Ray. Join my guild. For the Horde!

  • tokz_21

    if you can have two accounts at the same time i'll be in your super buddies league. the more i see this the more i'm tempted to be a super villain. i can't wait!!!!!