Activision Turned Infinity Ward into a Police State: You Buy It?

According to Kotaku, 40 past and present Infinity Ward employees have filed suit against Activision for a slew of reasons, including turning the work environment into a “police state”. Here’s my favorite passage from the article:

The suit says that had Activision not fired West and Zampella, withheld the bonus, created a hostile work place, not created a “police state-like atmosphere” they would have stayed on with the publisher.

I’m sure things were bad at Infinity Ward, but calling it a police state is ridiculous. Do these guys and gals know what it’s like to live in North Korea? I’ve avoided writing about the Activision/Infinity Ward issue because I really don’t think it’s that interesting and the enthusiast press has presented an overblown description of the situation. The “police state” line cracked me up though. No matter how bad it was, I’m positive it was nothing like living in communist Cuba.

What do you think of the situation? Do you think it was police-state bad? Do you care? Do you want more stories on this? Or can I happily ignore it?


Author: RPadTV