PSA: Free WiFi at Starbucks Starts Tomorrow

Here’s a friendly reminder that starting July 1, unlimited WiFi access at Starbucks coffeehouses in America and Canada will be free. Previously, customers were limited to two free hours that required some goofy login. The new scheme is unlimited and only requires one click to get things going.

While I’m not a big fan of Starbucks coffee (I don’t hate it. I just find it average.), I think it’s cool that the company is offering free WiFi to its customers. I’m sure that the unlimited WiFi will be problematic in places like San Francisco, where’s there’s a high nerds-per-square-inch ratio. Someone will gather a group of friends, start torrenting GBs of data, slowing down speeds for everyone else as they cackle at their prank. Hmmmm, I wonder what my LA freelancer friends are doing tomorrow….


Author: RPadTV