Steve Jobs = Tony Stark and Bill Gates = Justin Hammer?!?

According to Sam Rockwell (via Newsarama), who plays arms dealer Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2, the relationship between Hammer and protagonist Tony Stark is similar to the relationship between Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs. The portrayal isn’t subtle according to one moviegoer. TechCrunch reader Laureana Varisco Bonaparte wrote:

I just came from watching IM2, and the whole Stark=Jobs, Hammer=Gates is NOT subtle. The relationship as the public sees it, is right there. Hammer is Bill with better hair. And Tony Stark is………. the movie starts with him giving a keynote speech on a Stark expo. Should I say more? And RDJr’s facial hair makes him resemble Jobs even more (it makes his face look slimmer). It’s pretty cool and almost distractive.

I don’t know about this one. The “evil” of Bill Gates is completely overblown. Hell, it’s not even relevant these days as he spends most of his time — and an incredible amount of money — on philanthropic ventures. Considering the millions Bill and Melinda Gates have spent on charity, comparing Bill to a maniacal arms dealer is just ridiculous.

What do you think of the comparison?


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  • smartguy


    Yeah…I'd see Jobs as the villain really lol.

  • tokz_21

    yeah the way Jobs just finished bashing Adobe for Flash you figure he would be the villain. I can't wait to see Iron Man 2 this Saturday. I hope the special scene is earlier than at the end of the movie again. Credits are like a good 5 minutes now.

  • @Ray

    It fits. Jobs wants to make sure people can only use his products the way he wants them to and Gates doesn't care who buys or for what purposes they are used for.

  • Big Blak

    @ SlickyFats

    Man those captions are priceless, I shed a tear at work form laughing so hard.

  • Iceman

    @ Gates; The ends do not justify the means. If a drug dealer launders money into charitable organizations, that does not make it right.

    Also, Gates gave us Windows, a far more insidious weapon than a mere gun. With a gun, I can kill a few people and screw over a few families, but with Windows, I can screw over billions of people.

    Oh, and you want maniacal? How about that haircut? A multi-billionaire not being able to get a decent haircut is pretty maniacal in my book.


  • SlickyFats

    I have no clue about the topic but that picture cracks me up. They both look like they are talking through their teeth.

    Steve: “I put a bomb under your chair, and this bottle is the detonator”
    Bill: “I know, that’s why I switched chairs with you”

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  • cahuita

    Bill Gates = Tony Stark
    Steve Jobs = Justin Hammer..

    steve is a goddamn stealer omg