Steve Jobs = Tony Stark and Bill Gates = Justin Hammer?!?

According to Sam Rockwell (via Newsarama), who plays arms dealer Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2, the relationship between Hammer and protagonist Tony Stark is similar to the relationship between Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs. The portrayal isn’t subtle according to one moviegoer. TechCrunch reader Laureana Varisco Bonaparte wrote:

I just came from watching IM2, and the whole Stark=Jobs, Hammer=Gates is NOT subtle. The relationship as the public sees it, is right there. Hammer is Bill with better hair. And Tony Stark is………. the movie starts with him giving a keynote speech on a Stark expo. Should I say more? And RDJr’s facial hair makes him resemble Jobs even more (it makes his face look slimmer). It’s pretty cool and almost distractive.

I don’t know about this one. The “evil” of Bill Gates is completely overblown. Hell, it’s not even relevant these days as he spends most of his time — and an incredible amount of money — on philanthropic ventures. Considering the millions Bill and Melinda Gates have spent on charity, comparing Bill to a maniacal arms dealer is just ridiculous.

What do you think of the comparison?


Author: RPadTV