Flashback: Jay Leno’s Raves About Conan O’Brien in 2004

This 2004 clip of Jay Leno discussing Conan O’Brien taking over The Tonight Show in 2009 is funny when viewed through the retroscope. My favorite line was when Leno said, “There was a lot of animosity between me and Dave over who was going to get it [The Tonight Show]. And quite frankly…good friendships were permanently damaged. And I don’t want to have to see anyone have to go through that ever again.”


Author: RPadTV


  • SlickyFats

    Wow what a douche bag now.

  • Ieyke

    WTF? Leno hasn't actually DONE anything to Conan and everyone keeps bashing him. This is all just NBC so far. I mean sure, he COULD quit and take himself out of the competition for Conan, but he wants to have a job too. This crap is all NBC's doing and isn't fair to either of them.

    I do agree that Leno should bow out because he had expressed hesitancy about making a new show at all and kinda wanted to retire ANYWAYS, but hey, maybe he got a really good deal or really likes his show, or just doesn't want to put his entire crew out of jobs.

    Leno is a really nice guy. I can't remember a time he's ever been a dick to anyone, but now suddenly everyone labels him the villain….

    Srsly u guys….. http://catmacros.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/srsl

  • @Ieyke What about Conan's staff? They moved from New York to Los Angeles less than a year ago for their jobs.

  • Ieyke

    True enough, but I think Leno would be more worried about his people.

    Like I said, NBC's fault.

  • @Ieyke Certainly it's NBC's fault, but Leno had the stroke to make the situation turn out differently. It seemed he was anxious to return to late night.

  • Ieyke

    Right now the whole late night block is just pushed back and compressed. Everyone at least still has a job (except maybe Carson Daly?). It's not like Conan got kicked off the air, he just got pushed back to where no one but NBC wants him to be.

    NBC is just full of bad decisions lately. At least they're not FOX tho I guess…. Conan would be canceled if he was on FOX.

    (Does anyone even watch Carson Daly??)

  • tokz_21

    It looks like Jay Leno and NBC got their way. Conan's last day/night is tomorrow.