Get Your Avatar Books, Action Figures, and T-Shirts!

James Cameron’s Avatar is going to conquer the universe this week. While I’m still not sold on the movie, there’s no denying that this thing is going to be huge. You’re all aware of the movie and the videogames by Ubi Soft, but here are some other Avatar products you might not be aware of.

Avatar…the Books!

If you want to prep for the movie then you ought to consider curling up with Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide and The Art of Avatar: James Cameron’s Epic Adventure. The former offers more information on the unique world of Pandora. The latter features all sorts of images from the flick. Again, Cameron totally lost me during his three-hour soliloquy at E3 2009, but the visuals in this movie are amazing, so I’m actually kind of interested in the art book.

Avatar book

Avatar…the Action Figures!

Any sci-fi movie worth a damn has action figures, but Avatar takes it a step further by implementing some interesting web-cam connectivity. Here’s the official word and a photo:

Avatar action figure

Each action figure, vehicle and creature in the product line will come with a 3-D web tag, called an i-TAG, which consumers can “scan” using a home computer’s webcam. Scanning the i-TAG will reveal special content unique to the corresponding product. Exact content varies for each item, but could include biographical information, additional images and animated models of the figures. When the i-TAG for deluxe figures, vehicles or creatures are placed under a webcam, animated 3-D models will “come alive” through engaging, evading or defending moves. Place two i-TAGs together and the 3-D images will interact with each other. The assortment of action figures and vehicles ranges from $8.99 to $26.99.

While I recall a bunch of children’s products with similar gimmicks, it’s cool to see that action figures geared towards 20- and 30-somethings with too much money an older audience using this kind of connectivity. Plus, the action figures just look cool. Crap…I think the products are making me more interested in the movie. It’s working!!!

Avatar…the Clothing!

Still haven’t had enough Avatar excitement? Then why not wrap yourself in a t-shirt from Jem Sportswear? I’m usually not into videogame or movie clothes (as I type this wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt), but these threads appear to be going for that Affliction look, which a lot of people dig these days. Check it out!

Avatar shirt

I hate that this worked on me, but as I typed up this article and checked out these Avatar goods, I became about 37 percent more interested in the movie. My brain is too small to combat marketing machines. *sigh*

Author: RPadTV


  • Iceman

    I'm going to see this movie on opening night on Friday. Although I am pretty "meh" on the film's hype machine, I am being dragged to see this against my will. Nevertheless, I will watch the movie with an open mind and report back here on this comment section on either Friday night upon my arrival or Saturday morning to let you guys know if it is worth watching, renting, or panning. No, spoilers, I promise. Of course, that is kind of stupid since I think the whole movie was shown during the previews (much like Transformers), but I’ll let you know soon. Stay tuned!


  • Smartguy

    haha, this movie screams "NETFLIX" to me.

  • I watched the trailer and it seems decent. Stargate Universe is the movie I can't wait to see. /drools

  • Iceman

    If anyone is still reading this and is on the fence about the movie, I would recommend it. I think older kids would enjoy it more (ages 8 through 18) since the story is pretty predictable, but the visuals are really, really pretty and very engrossing. The movie basically boils down to "Pocahontas" meets "Starship Troopers". I think the movie would lose something in translation (as far as the visuals go) when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray, which is why I would recommend seeing it in the theater… especially if you have kids.


  • @Iceman did you see it in IMAX 3D?

  • Iceman

    @Mr. Padilla;

    No, actually, I saw it in 3D at a local theater that is not IMAX. I would have liked to watch the movie in 2D IMAX as I think that would have been the best way to experience the sheer amount of eye candy that “Avatar” gives you. The 3D viewing does absolutely nothing to enhance the film or make it a better experience. The movie really didn't seem like a true 3D movie, just a regular movie with just a little more visual depth because of the glasses. Nothing really "popped" out at you or took full advantage of the technology to make it worth the additional purchase.

    I consider myself to be picky when it comes to movies, but I still stand by my recommendation. I would not be surprised if this movie turned out to become this generation’s “Star Wars”. It certainly has the potential.


    Here is a video review of the movie that I agreed with (mostly) for anyone who is interested:

  • @Iceman I will try to see it over the holidays. I'm curious, for sure, but I don't see how James Cameron can do better than Aquaman.