U.S. Customs Officers Allegedly Beat Up Game Writer

Canadian Flag

Videogame and sci-fi writer Peter Watts says that Canadian U.S. customs officers beat the crap out of him. The customs officers say that Watts tried to choke one of them. GamePolitics reported:

Watts asserts that as the inspection began, he exited the car to ask officers what was going on. He claims they asked him to return to the car, at which point he asked them again what they were doing. Watts said that this act then resulted in him being assaulted, punched in the face, pepper-sprayed and thrown in jail for the night on charges of assaulting a customs officer.

Custom officials claim that Watts was “aggressive” from the beginning and refused to get back in his car. At this point Watts was about to be handcuffed, but resisted arrest said officials, and tried to choke an officer. This is when officers used pepper-spray.

As a fellow game writer, I’m a little bit scared of Canada now. Though to be fair, my work involves some of the country’s finest exports — Christian, The Hart Dynasty, Edge, etc. Still…I think I’ll play it safe and stick to this side of the border.


Author: RPadTV