U.S. Customs Officers Allegedly Beat Up Game Writer

Canadian Flag

Videogame and sci-fi writer Peter Watts says that Canadian U.S. customs officers beat the crap out of him. The customs officers say that Watts tried to choke one of them. GamePolitics reported:

Watts asserts that as the inspection began, he exited the car to ask officers what was going on. He claims they asked him to return to the car, at which point he asked them again what they were doing. Watts said that this act then resulted in him being assaulted, punched in the face, pepper-sprayed and thrown in jail for the night on charges of assaulting a customs officer.

Custom officials claim that Watts was “aggressive” from the beginning and refused to get back in his car. At this point Watts was about to be handcuffed, but resisted arrest said officials, and tried to choke an officer. This is when officers used pepper-spray.

As a fellow game writer, I’m a little bit scared of Canada now. Though to be fair, my work involves some of the country’s finest exports — Christian, The Hart Dynasty, Edge, etc. Still…I think I’ll play it safe and stick to this side of the border.


Author: RPadTV


  • Iceman

    Wow, Peter Watts is going to be the Canadian nerd equivalent to Rodney King. Only instead of rioting, there will be a wave of angry mob tweets.


  • SkullOne360

    Is this a good time to say that I'm Canadian? Born in Alberta, Calgary.

  • N8R

    There has to be more to the story, Canucks just don't roll LAPD style. Dude had to do more than he says. Also, it would seem to me that he was apparently pretty nervous about whatever he was carrying across the border.

    Maybe he didn't know that weed is decriminalized in Canada… or he was smuggling underage prostitutes… who knows? Either way, no need to go all Canadian Bacon over it.

    *Canadian Bacon is a reference to the movie… not Canadian police even though it may apply there as well.

  • bsukenyan

    @SkullOne360 its cool, just as long as you don't go customs officer on Ray…

  • N8R

    *nor did I mean to imply that weed and underage prostitutes were a stable in all game writing communities. Only some.

  • Iceman


    If that is the case, why don't you convince Mr. Padilla to have skanks and joints as prizes after the magnets are gone.


  • SkullOne360

    Ray, you can trust me. Honestly, crossing the border will be a piece of cake…yes…

  • N8R

    @ Iceman

    One has a unique smell that can easily be tracked in the packaging… and the other is marijuana.

  • Iceman



  • Smartguy

    haha, good one.

  • shiva7663

    It was US border police, not Canadian; it happened on the US side of the border.


  • CamiKitten

    Hahaha. Packaged hoes >_>

  • Shockwave562

    Ya I'm more curious what he had in his trunk. If it was nothing then it sounds like he got his ass beat for no reason.

    If it was trunked hoes then he might be at fault a tad.