BioWare and EA Announce Gift of the Yeti Facebook Game


BioWare and Electronic Arts have announced Gift of the Yeti, a free Facebook game that allows gamers to earn money to go towards the purchase of Dragon Age: Origins and for the Child’s Play Charity. Here’s a blurb from the press release:

In the Gift of the Yeti game, players have a chance to help a sick Santa by delivering gifts on his behalf. Facebook friends can compete to beat each others’ high scores. The backstory of the Yeti will unfold through a clever Advent day calendar, with each day revealing a new piece of the storyline. Gift of the Yeti also allows players to choose from a variety of different gifts that they can send to their friends to invite them to save the day for Santa, and support the Child’s Play organization.

A bunch of my friends have been sucked into various Facebook games, but I’ve yet to lose myself to one. Gift of the Yeti will get its chance to own me, simply because it’s a BioWare product. Plus, Like Matt Damon and LeBron James said in Entourage, “It’s for the kids!”

Any of you going to give this game a shot?

Author: RPadTV