Malicious Worm Hits Jailbroken iPhones

iPhone 3GS

Nefarious hackers are trying to get extract banking information from people with jailbroken iPhones. The good news is that the problem is currently restricted to ING Bank customers in The Netherlands. The bad news is that it could spread. Engadget Mobile has reported:

It targets jailbroken handsets with SSH installed, but this time adds the ability for the hacker to remotely control and access the phone. By throwing up a purported ING Direct login page, he (or she, or they) can collect your online banking credentials and, presumably, all the cash they are supposed to protect. Presently isolated within the Netherlands, this outbreak may spread further still, as it is capable of infecting other jailbroken iPhones on the same WiFi network.

I’ve always been wary of the whole jailbreaking process. Sure, it frees up the iPhone and allows for all sorts of unofficial apps, but it can also be problematic with official updates and programs. Apparently hackers target jailbroken iPhones too, since this is the second worm targeted towards these handsets. There are lots of cool things you can do with an unlocked iPhone, but it just doesn’t seem worth the hassle (for me).

Any of you using a jailbroken iPhone? Hopefully your banking 411 is safe.


Author: RPadTV