Hideo Kojima Promises Zoe of the Enders Sequel, Explains ZoE2 Flop

Zone of the Enders 1

Hideo Kojima has promised a Zone of the Enders sequel, but due to everyone at Kojima Productions being busy on various Metal Gear Solid titles, it might be a while until the next Anubis: Zoe of the Enders (the game’s Japanese name) is created. Andriasang translated Kojima’s blog entry on the matter:

We’d like to make an Anubis sequel at some point. Also, we feel that if we do it, we’d like to make Anubis succeed this time. I already have a game plan and method for sales in my head. However, we don’t know if it will be green lighted. The production lines within Kojima Productions are currently full.

I cannot make a promise about time. However, I can promise a sequel.

Kojima also explained why Zoe of the Enders 2 wasn’t the success it should have been. He chalks it all up to timing and blames himself.

It’s a title that even now, six years later, is extremely well received by the press and users. However, due to errors in setting the release time frame, while it was a medium hit, it did not achieve the expected numbers.

Everything was due to an error by me, the producer. At that time, if I hadn’t made a mistake with the release date, Anubis might have ended up a major Kojima Productions title to follow MGS, still seeing development as a series.

Has it been too long for Zone of the Enders? Does the franchise mean anything anymore? I’m not sure it matters though; Kojima Productions has become so big that millions of gamers will flock to anything it creates. What do you think America (as well as readers from the 13 other countries visiting this site)?


Author: RPadTV