Vaping Diaries #10: Variable Wattage E-Cigs — The Next Big Thing

Last month, I wrote about the benefits of using variable-voltage e-cigs. Being able to change the voltage of a vaping device allows for more versatility. Vapers can achieve different tastes, throat hits, and vapor levels from different e-juices and equipment through these devices. The latest trend is variable-wattage e-cigs. They allow for the same kind of versatility, but make things easier for vapers. Today I’m going to talk about how variable-wattage vaporizers differ from their variable-voltage cousins.

Let’s use an oven as an analogy. The important things to remember are input and output. Setting the temperature of an oven is like setting the voltage on a variable-voltage e-cig. In both cases, the input is controlled. In the case of the oven, the actual temperature can vary between models and technology (gas, electric, convection, etc.). In the case of the e-cig, the actual wattage can vary depending on the resistance of cartomizer used.

Variable-wattage e-cigs allow you to control the output. Say your ideal vape is seven watts. A variable-wattage e-cig will give you seven watts, whether you’re using a low-resistance cartomizer at 1.7 ohms or a high-resistance clearomizer at 3.0 ohms. There are people that argue that the output is the most important thing for vapers and variable-wattage devices allow for truer output than variable-voltage devices. They’re especially useful given that resistance ratings can be inconsistant and can change over the life of a product. You won’t have to worry about any of that with a variable-wattage e-cig because the device will adjust the voltage as needed in order to give you the desired output.

The Evolv Darwin (pictured above) has been viewed as the best variable-wattage device on the market, but it lacked competition and cost more than some vapers cared to spend. Recently, newer devices that cost a fraction of the Darwin have been released. While early reports indicate that they don’t perform as consistently as the Darwin, these devices can be had for 1/5 or 1/4 of the price.

A lot of hardcore vapers are clamoring for more variable-wattage devices and many are keen on ProVape releasing a variable-wattage version of its venerable ProVari e-cig. I expect the trend to really kick off in 2013, with more models from more vendors. For vaping enthusiasts, variable-wattage devices will be the next big thing.

Author: RPadTV