GameSalad Creator Comes to Windows PC

A few weeks ago, I wrote about programming tools that allow you to make games without needing to code. One of the ones I mentioned was GameSalad Creator, which allows you to make games for Android, HTML 5, iOS, and more. Previously available for Mac OS, GameSalad Creator is now available for Windows. If you’re interested in the product then you can sign up for the beta here. To give you an idea of GameSalad Creator’s look and feel, check out the image gallery at the end of this post.

Even though GameSalad allows designers to make games without coding, it’s still a very powerful tool. In fact, the company has had great success (like Borat) on the iOS platform. Here’s more from GameSalad director of marketing Jonathan Hunt:

The GameSalad developer community is both passionate and productive. In just three years, our platform has been used to create more than 60 Top 100 Games in the U.S. App Store, including a game that earned the number one slot. We are thrilled to welcome Windows users to our community and expect that this will open up a floodgate of creativity, resulting in even more high quality games for players everywhere.

I know that many of you have game design ideas floating around your head. I also know that most of you are Windows PC users. Any of you willing to give this product a shot? Perhaps the RPad.TV community will be playing the chart-topping iOS-game you created with GameSalad Creator for Windows!

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Author: RPadTV