Coffee Talk #26: How Many Games Will You End Up Buying in 2009?

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Ted DiBiase boxGaming is more expensive than ever. Consoles cost more. Games cost more. The addition of downloadable content adds to a game’s total cost of ownership. With a languishing economy, it’s no wonder that software sales are down.

As someone that has been writing about games for more than a decade, it’s sometimes hard for me to maintain a “real person’s” perspective on gaming economics. While I no longer receive most game releases automatically, it’s usually not a problem for me to call a publisher to get a game that I want to play.

With all that in mind, I wanted to see what your game purchasing was like in 2009. Be sure to add your choice in today’s poll and give an estimate of how many titles you’ll end up buying this year. Did you buy less than usual due to economic conditions? Are you renting more than buying? Or is your gaming budget immune to an economic downturn?

Author: RPadTV